With presentation on “Knowledge of cultural heritage and its preservation”, AOSTKIN joined the online event “1 hour, 1 experience”

Arch. Donka Koleva and Svetla Stefanova took part in a series of online events “1 hour, 1 experience” organized on the initiative of the French National Association “Remarkable Sites and Cities” and dedicated to cultural heritage in its various aspects: architecture, urban planning, interpretation, tourism, sustainable development. For two hours, two different experiences were shared during the events – one French and one international.

The program included 4 online events on various topics: on June 15th , 2021 – “Centers for Interpretation of Cultural Heritage”, on July 8th , 2021 – “Cultural Heritage, Sustainable Development and Local Materials”, on September 9th , 2021 “Knowledge of Cultural Heritage and its Preservation” and on October 20th , 2021 – “Cultural Heritage and Events”.

 Arch. Donka Koleva prepared and presented presentation on “Knowledge of cultural heritage and its preservation” for the online event on September 9th , 2021.

The aim of the session was to show the importance of knowledge about cultural heritage in order to contribute to its preservation and restoration. Many different representatives of cultural heritage associations, experts and international partners of the National French Association took part in the events.