Veliko Tarnovo welcomes cultural heritage experts from ten countries this fall

In November, Veliko Tarnovo will host an international meeting of associations for protection of cultural heritage in the Balkans and Southeast Europe. Experts from more than ten countries and representatives of the French National Association “Remarkable Sites and Cities” will come in the old capital.

The focusof the event will be on the preservation of cultural monuments, the preservation and promotion of intangible cultural heritage, the development of cultural and event tourism.

The guidelines of the international forum were outlined during online meeting of the Association of Municipalities of Cultural and Historical Heritage / AOSTKIN / with the French organization. The Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo was represented by the Deputy Mayor Neyko Genchev and the experts arch. Donka Koleva and Svetla Stefanova. The initiative for the big international forum belongs to the mayor of the old capital city and chairman of AOSTKIN Daniel Panov. During the autumn event, experiences, practices and legislative solutions applicable to the Balkan countries in the field of preservation and maintenance of old historical centers, buildings of architectural and cultural value, which are an integral part of European cultural heritage, will be shared. The French model will be presented, as well as good practices for preservation and restoration of architectural values, regulations, requirements for owners and their responsibilities, as well as opportunities for active intervention of local authorities.