The Association of Cities and Regions with Cultural Heritage in France consults the Association of Historic Cities in Bulgaria

At the initiative of the Mayor of the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo, Daniel Panov, the Old Capital hosted a working meeting between the Association of Cities and Regions with Cultural Heritage in France and the Association of Historic Cities in Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian Association was represented by experts from the towns of Elena, Gorna Oryahovitsa, Dryanovo, Tryavna.

From the French side, experts from the Association of Cities and Regions with Cultural Heritage in France participated, as well as specialists from the brotherhood of the town of Bayon Veliko Tarnovo. The association in France has more than 200 municipalities, over 20 other municipalities joined it in the last year.

In his opening remarks during the workshop, Daniel Pano said: “Yesterday, for our joy, a Law for the Amendment of the Cultural Heritage Act was adopted, on the proposal of NAMRB. Six centers are set up under the guidance of the Ministry of Culture. They will assist and facilitate shorter procedures for the preservation of cultural monuments. Changing the law will help through these regional structures of the Ministry of Culture to work more efficiently and more effectively. We have a positive experience of the period in which such a structure existed.

We hope the units start working effectively in September. This will help the owners, the architects and the experts in the preparation and implementation of the projects.

All buildings in the historic part of the city are photographed along the main streets. There are also silhouetted plans of the buildings, which are approved by the Ministry of Culture. All owners of over 90 houses have been investigated. Over 15% of these owners currently have instructions from the municipality for the need to perform façade and roof repairs. Dangerous buildings must be packaged until the building permit is issued.

The Association of Historic Cities in Bulgaria has its own site, surveys are made by the member municipalities in order to study the main topics and problems in the field of preservation of the cultural and historical heritage and the activities of the municipalities, “said Daniel Panov.

French experts have recommended to work more actively and consistently in attracting more municipalities in Bulgaria who are interested in this topic in the association. Partnership and cooperation within the Balkan Peninsula has tremendous potential and potential. The French Association would be delighted to partner with all the Balkan towns and municipalities working in the field of cultural and historical heritage conservation. Together, European projects on these topics can be participated. Associations are well placed to make a common platform for the cities and municipalities of the Balkans to join the common European network.

The French Association works in four main areas:

– Historic buildings with architectural value at risk and with problems;

– Activities to society and people that make them involved in the processes of preservation and preservation of the cultural heritage and the process of its preservation. They conduct training for property owners who are part of the cultural heritage. Special programs for children and young people;

– Development of tourist product, stimulating and developing cultural tourism;

-International contacts, links and European projects.

In November, a Cultural Heritage Hall will be held at the Louvre Museum, where opportunities for cross-border cooperation and the establishment of international networks and federations of organizations working to protect cultural heritage will be discussed.

Daniel Panov said that the Bulgarian Association of Historic Cities could set specific measures and in September to start work on training for children and young people, specialized schools, owners of historic buildings for inclusion in the issues of cultural heritage and joint search for good solutions. The training will be supported by experts from the Association of Cities and Regions with Cultural and Historical Heritage in France.