The territory of Ruse municipality is located in the western part of the Eastern Danube Plain. The relief of the municipality is lowland, plain and plain-hilly. Its extreme eastern and south-eastern areas are occupied by the westernmost part of the Ludogorets Plateau, here the plain-hilly relief prevails. In it, south of the village of Semerdjievo, on the border with the municipality of Vetovo, is the maximum height of the municipality – 233.1 m.

In the central and western areas the relief is mostly flat and slightly undulating with smoothed forms. To the north, the western part of the vast Brashlyanska lowland, the largest Danube lowland in Bulgaria, falls within its boundaries. Here, northeast of the village of Sandrovo, on the banks of the Danube, is the lowest point of the municipality of Ruse – 15 m above sea level.