• To assist and support the member municipalities in the implementation of an effective, sustainable, and open to the citizens policy in the field of preservation, development, and promotion of the Bulgarian cultural heritage as well as in the development of responsibility for its preservation in the civil society;


  • To mediate and cooperate between the member municipalities in the development of common strategies and the implementation of programmes for sustainable development of the settlements and protected areas of cultural and historical heritage;


  • To support the member municipalities and co-operate with the regional and central authorities in the optimization and implementation of the legislation, strategies, plans for the development, conservation, and management of immovable cultural heritage as well as in the implementation of regional, national, and international programmes for socio-economic and cultural development;


  • To support the development of cultural tourism in the municipalities through the promotion of their cultural and historical heritage, architecture, and urbanism; to assist and exchange good practices in the restoration of immovable cultural heritage sites and the construction of infrastructure for them;


  • To assist in the implementation and to expand cooperation with similar organizations from the country and abroad and maintain international partnerships;


  • To represent and protect the interests of the members before the central government and its regional structures, Bulgarian and foreign public organizations, and other institutions in the field of cultural heritage protection.