National forum for preservation of the real estate cultural heritage is organized in Veliko Tarnovo

National forum for preservation of the real estate cultural heritage will be organized in Veliko Tarnovo in the autumn on the idea of ​​Mayor Daniel Panov. This became clear after a meeting between Panov and Jonathan Fedy – International Cooperation and Projects Manager at the National Association “Remarkable Sites & Cities of France”. Representatives of the French NGO will attend the discussion to share their experiences with the preservation of cultural monuments.

The forum will take place in October and the organizers are the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo and the Bulgarian Association of Municipalities with settlements and territories with cultural and historical heritage. The event will enable both Bulgarian local authorities to exchange good practices and also to get acquainted with the working decisions in France.

The topics of the discussion will be related to the necessary legislative changes, the speeding up of the approval of projects for the restoration of cultural monuments, the measures that the mayors can take against the petty owners of old houses. Also discussed will be the digitization of the database and the creation of a single electronic register of cultural monuments.

Daniel Panov pointed out that the maintenance of the buildings of historical value, which are privately owned, is a common problem in many towns and villages all over Bulgaria and in this connection six regional cultural heritage units have been created after regulatory changes. Veliko Tarnovo is one of the centers of the new structures, whose work will aim to significantly optimize the restoration and repair procedures. “To this end, the National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria / NAMRB / already works for the synchronization of the Cultural Heritage Act, the Local Self-Government and Local Administration Act and the Spatial Development Act. The draft decisions will be ready by the autumn, “explained Daniel Panov, who is chairman of NAMRB.

Jonathan Fedes shared his positive impressions of the restoration of old buildings in Veliko Tarnovo and congratulated Panov for the efforts that local government is making. The repairs have covered 20 houses, and so many already have renovated facades and roofs. The owners of another 36 buildings, located on the main streets of Veliko Tarnovo, have been given instructions for undertaking the necessary activities.