Experts discussed the cultural heritage in Veliko Tarnovo

The meeting was held at the initiative of the Association of Municipalities with Cultural and Historical Heritage

Seminar on “Cultural and historical heritage – legislative changes and challenges” was held in Veliko Tarnovo. The event was organized by the Association of Municipalities with Settlements and Territories of Cultural and Historical Heritage (AMCACHH), which was established at the initiative of the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo and the Mayor Daniel Panov is Chairman of the Managing Board.

The lecturers in the seminar were Jáki Krushon – an expert from the National French Association of Cities and Regions with Art and Culture and Cities with Protected Areas, arch. Maria Karazlatheva – Leading Expert in the Field of Cultural Heritage, Arch. Donka Koleva and arch. Rumyana Brynova, experts in this field and members of the Municipal Commission for the Protection of the Cultural and Historical Heritage.
During the seminar, the Law on Cultural Heritage was discussed – the changes made so far and the proposals of the working groups at the Ministry of Culture and NAMRB for new amendments.
Participants in the meeting also discussed the specific nature of the plans for the protection and management of cultural heritage in accordance with the legal requirements. As an example arch. Karazlatheva pointed out the plan for the bridge in Svilengrad, which is one of the significant bridge facilities – cultural values.
Emphasis was put on the presentation by Jay Krushon, who shared practical experience in the preservation, management and protection of cultural heritage in France. He emphasized that in this respect French legislation encourages dialogue between owners, experts, state institutions, NGOs, local authorities and the public.
The experience of preservation of the immovable cultural heritage and the preparation of heritage records in Bulgaria was presented by arch. Donka Koleva. She specified that 350 different buildings of architectural value have been described and inventored in the old capital.
The seminar was attended by representatives of the municipalities, members of AMCACHH, experts and architects working in the field of cultural heritage, representatives of cultural institutions and others. The event was part of the European Heritage Days initiative of the Council of Europe and the European Union, where our country has been participating since 1999.